Who Is God & How Do I Find Him?

This is a simple Home Bible Study with five easy to teach lessons. It has something of the feel of an extended study, yet brief and direct. It is not meant to be an exhaustive study on Jewish history. It is also not an in-depth study on ceremonies and customs. Rather, when a key character or event is highlighted, the concept or principle is discussed. This creates easy transitions which allow the study to easily move forward. This Bible study says what must be said to bring a candidate to an understanding of who God is and how to find Him.

Home Bible Study Director of World of Faith Church – Macon, GA

This is a must have for the serious soul winner. Bringing men to Jesus is a five lesson study that is designed to introduce the student to our Lord Jesus Christ and shows our need of a savior. The material is up to date, easy to teach and the charts and PowerPoint are magnificent. I have taught many other Bible Studies in my 18 years of teaching, but this is the only one I am now teaching.

I have to admit that it is getting difficult to find someone to sit down for a twelve week study, but there are many who will do a five lesson study. Brother Busby has spent a great deal of prayer and preparation putting this study together and many souls are being won to Jesus through it. I am grateful to have my hands on a tool that makes sharing the gospel such an easy way. This study is awesome and I pray that we will not only teach it, but spread the word to others we know who desire to reach this world with truth.

Brother Randy Bailey